Art At Home

Ash & Smoke, 2020.
Ash, 2020. 230mmx230mm, Charcoal on sketch paper
Smoke, 2020. 230mmx230mm, Charcoal on sketch paper
Window To Hokkaido Japan, 2016. A1 Inkjet print on gloss paper.
Koi Path, 2010. Pencil on paper.
Phone Photos Poster, 2006. Photo print on photo paper. Bus shelter size, Nokia 6320
NANA Lamp, 1997. TAFE, Design Fundamentals Lighting Design Project.
ds9r shirt, 2001. Screen print screen
After Van Gogh, Sunflowers appropriation, 1996. Acrylic on paper.
Thread-Refill-Build, 2004. Recorded sound wave of thread, refill and build for Refill Magazines Build exhibition. Made up of hundreds of pins plotted to the sound wave points and threaded with blue cotton thread.