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Koi Path

Bankstown City Council


A meaningful connection.

In the 1980’s, a 4m round pond was installed outside Bankstown train station. By 1988, the water had become murky and it was decided that the pond needed a lift. A filtration system was installed by Riverwood-based Koi fish breeders Ron and Max Farrugia and the brothers donated 500 Koi fish to populate the pond. Featuring crystal clear waters, sandstone edges and coin-operated feeders that allowed people to feed the fish, the pond soon became a central meeting point for many locals and commuters traveling through Bankstown. Fondly remembered, many were sad to see the pond go when it was bulldozed in renovations by Council less than two decades later.

There is something beautiful about bringing back the past. Remnants of old hopes revived, a sense of whimsy and simple pleasures are all things that remain with us years after our own lived experiences. We cannot predict our future but it is always easier to move forward when you have the warmth of your past embracing you.

Referencing the Koi Pond as the beginning, I designed the Koi Path to re-establish this old sense of connection – to bring people together once again in the real world and to give them an opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of others at the new Bankstown Arts Centre. Paying homage to the old Koi pond invites the community to explore and discover both the old and the new, and acts as an opportunity for people to engage with each other in a deep and meaningful way. I hope that it is the catalyst for many new connections – connections that will continue to grow and inspire.




Koi Path

Bankstown City Council
Bankstown Train station to Bankstown Arts Centre
Design and fabricate 20 brass koi and 2 end markers, water jet cut and inlaid into granite paving
Project Team—
Kevin Vo- Artist

Crescent Plaza


Dutton Lane


Fisher Street

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